Manhattan, Bacon, and Nepperhan Firearms
Welcome to -- A reference on Manhattan,           
        Bacon, and Nepperhan pistols of the 1850's - 1860's
This educational web site has been established so that antique pistol collectors
interested in the Civil War era percussion pistols produced by Manhattan Firearms,
Bacon Manufacturing Company, and Nepperhan Fire Arms Company can share
information and learn more about these fascinating guns. It is also for the individual
who may have a similar revolver or pistol and who is seeking additional knowledge.
Inside you will see Manhattan Navy, Manhattan pepperbox, Manhattan Bar Hammer,
Manhattan single shot, Manhattan Pocket, Manhattan 22 caliber, American Standard
22 caliber, Bacon Excelsior, and other pistols or revolvers from the late 1850's
through the late 1860's.

We hope we can be of assistance. Come on in and stay awhile!  Inside you will find
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Updated September 7, 2012
                                                                    A Warning to All Gun Collectors
It has come to our attention that unscrupulous
criminals are stealing images from our website. The criminals then
prey on gun collectors who have advertised online that they are seeking to buy a particular Manhattan, Bacon, or
Nepperhan pistol. The criminals contact the legitimate buyer, claim they are selling the gun in the photograph(s)
they have stolen from our site, and attempt to steal your hard-earned money. For that reason, we have been
advised to watermark our images with (C) If you are solicited by anyone using our
photographs, please email immediately. Thank you!