The .31 caliber pistol
Samuel Colt originated the M1849
Pocket percussion pistol in .31
caliber. In less than ten years,
other manufacturers would be
using the M1849 as a template to
produce their own pistols.
Manhattan woul originate the
removable side plate, shown in the
photo to the left, that would
provide access to the workings of
the trigger by removing two
screws. The Bacon Manufacturing
Company and Nepperhan
Firearms Company of Yonkers,
New York, would copy the
practical design.
The image to the right shows a first model
Bacon Excelsior with a removable side plate.
Since Thomas K. Bacon had left Manhattan's
employ in 1858 and immediately began
production of his own .31 caliber pistol, he had
full knowledge of its design. The Nepperhan is
shown below.