Manhattan .22 caliber Second Model - 1
This model can be identified by the December 27, 1859 patent date stamped
on the bottom flat of the barrel , a longer cylinder to accommodate .22 long
cartridges, and a flat-sided brass frame with a large frame plate (located
above the trigger).  Manhattan's Second Model .22 caliber revolver was
produced from the summer of 1861 until  the fall of 1862.
The Model Two also sports a different barrel signing. The horseshoe shaped
name engraving is gone, replaced with the name engraving shown in the
photograph above. The placement of serial numbers was the same on the
Model One and Model Two series. Serial numbers appear on the back face
of the barrel and are visible when the barrel is open and tilted up. The serial
numbers are also visible on the rear of the cylinder as shown in the
photograph.  They are also located out of sight on the grip frame under a grip
and also penciled in, or stamped, on the back of a grip. Serial Numbers for
the Second Model commenced with # 1 and continued upward to an
estimated production of 8,000 of the revolvers.