Percussion Pistol Links
We labored over the decision whether or not to establish a LINKS page for our Baconfirearms
site. Although we are an educational, non-profit website, we felt that we should provide specific
links that would assist you in learning about percussion pistols and the collection of related items.
The sites that we list are sites from whom we have bought quality items; or they are educational
sites that advance one's knowledge of our past.
                     Historical and Educational Sites

Manhattan Firearms      This site contains a wealth of information about Manhattan
firearms. If you want to know anything and everything about Manhattan pistols, this
is another
Gotta See site!

Manhattan Firearms Group    This is a Yahoo Group open to all and dedicated to a
better appreciation and understanding of Manhattan Firearms.

Cody Dug Up Gun Museum  Not every gun carried in the past was recycled or
placed in an attic trunk. Many were discarded, lost, or dropped only to be
discovered decades later.  The
Cody Dug Up Gun Museum opened in May 2009
and has hundreds of fascinating relics from the past. Be sure to visit the museum if
you travel to Cody, Wyoming! In the meantime, be sure to visit their web site.

                           Sites Offering Related Items for Sale

Virginia Civil War Relics frequently offers relic bullets and other Civil War relics for
sale by long time collector and seller, Plez Bagby. Collecting Civil War bullets is a
major interest of collectors. Don't forget to look at the other intriguing items offered
for sale! Plez has a stellar reputation among Civil War relic enthusiasts.

J&J Military Antiques Jason Kaplan's comprehensive site includes extensive
antique handgun offerings, holsters, and other accouterments.  Have a cup of
coffee ready before you browse Jason's site. It'll take you some time!

Shiloh Civil War Relics You may have seen Rafael Eledge on the PBS Antiques
. Raf hosts an outstanding site where you can purchase just about
anything Civil War. This is a terrific source of just about anything related to the
Civil War era.

GunBroker is a very user-friendly site where one can buy and sell
guns on line.  Take a look at what they have to offer!