London Pistol Company 1
The mysterious London Pistol Company revolver was actually a product of the
Manhattan Firearms Manufacturing Company.

The London Pistol Company side-plated .31 caliber pocket pistol was an
enigma until Sam E. Smith wrote an article on the weapon and until Waldo
Nutter expounded on Smith's theory in 1958.  We have additional findings to
publish in the near future regarding the London's. Smith's research suggested
the London Pistol Company revolvers were factory-seconds possessing
design flaws such as blemishes from screws driven completely through the
right side frame or imperfect hand engraving.
These weapons may have been placed in a sort of reject bin in various stages
of completion. When Manhattan began to phase out production of the .31
caliber pocket pistols in favor of the newer .36 caliber Navy models,
management decided to complete and market the factory-seconds under the
London Pistol Company name. To these weapons were added the 1859
copyright date stamped beneath the pistol immediately in front of the trigger
guard. Thus these were marketed most likely during 1860.