Manhattan Series I Navy
Serial number placement on the Manhattan Navy differed from that on the
Manhattan Pocket revolvers.  Turning the Navy upside down reveals the serial
number stamped on and in front of the trigger guard, on the bottom of the frame,
and on the bottom of the barrel assembly.  The serial number is also stamped on
the butt strap.  The straps securing the one-piece walnut grips in place were  
coated with a thin layer of silver, as was the  trigger and trigger guard.
Series I Navy revolvers below serial number 1000 had  fatter grips that Waldo  
Nutter in
Manhattan Firearms described as the Miss America Model because of
the fully rounded butt.
Some, but not all, of the Series I pistols under serial number 800 had cylinder
stops that were trapezoidal in shape, unlike all later Manhattan Navy pistols that
would have the rectangular  cylinder stops.
This composite photograph shows a Manhattan Navy two-digit serial numbered
pistol with the rounded Miss America butt.
Another example of a Manhattan Navy two-digit serial numbered pistol.
The silver can readily be seen on the trigger guard.  In addition to a
really nice cylinder scene, the rare trapezoidal cylinder stops are
clearly visible.