Manhattan Series IV Navy - 1
Approximately 24,000 Series IV Manhattan Navy pistols were manufactured.
The two-line Newark barrel address is one change from earlier Series. Ben
Kittredge's 1864 patent date for the now integral Spring Plate appears on the
second address line.  Curiously, the sping plate appeared briefly back in 1861
on a few thousand Series III Manhattan Navy pistols, then disappeared.

A new barrel length of 4-1/2 inches appears with the Series IV pistols While the
blade-type front sight is standard on all of the other barrel lengths, the 4-1/2
inch barrel length has a post-type front sight.
This example of a Manhattan Navy Series IV pistol still has the bluing on the
barrel, though slightly discolored over the years. The view of the trigger guard
and straps reveals pleasing amounts of the original silver plating. The image in
the lower right corner shows the 1859 patent date on the cylinder and also
shows yet another location for the pistol's serial number. Because of the limited
space, only the final four digits of the serial number were imprinted. It can be
seen to the right of the nipple in that photograph.