Manhattan Series V Navy
With the introduction of the Manhattan Series V navy revolver, Manhattan began a
new serial number  sequencing from 1 to 9000. A major innovation was the
introduction of a
SIX shot cylinder, unlike the 5-shot cylinders of its predecessors.
The loading levers on all but the 4-inch barrel Navy V's was also redesigned. The
longer loading levers had shorter tapers,  and all four sides or corners of the
taper were beveled.
In his 1958 Manhattan Firearms, Waldo Nutter stated that the majority of the
Series V Manhattan Navy pistols were produced with 4-inch barrels. He further
stated he had never seen a 5-inch barrel in Series V. In 1998 the Butterfield
auction house said they had a 5-inch Manhattan Navy Series V at that time with
a serial number of 7609. We have not come across any other examples in our
research. The Manhattan Navy Series V pictured above has a 6-1/2 inch barrel.