OVERVIEW: Manhattan, Bacon, and Nepperhan Firearms
Manhattan Firearms produced percussion pistols from
1856 through 1868.  
Bacon Manufacturing Company*
revolvers were produced from 1858 to 1863 under
Thomas K. Bacon's watchful eye -- after he had left
Manhattan's employment and prior to his being
removed from his company.  
Nepperhan Firearms
manufactured an estimated 5,000 or less firearms in
the early 1860's.

* This was the SECOND of three firearm companies     
established by Thomas K. Bacon
"The coming of the year of
1857 was awaited with much
eagerness by a group of would
be (Colt) competitors
and...plans were laid with
much enthusiasm."

--Waldo Nutter

Manhattan Firearms, 1958
With the expiration of the 1836 Colt patent on
revolving cylinders containing multiple chambers
looming on the horizon in the late 1850's, many pistol
manufacturers prepared to offer a similar product of
their own as soon as they possibly could.

Of the three manufacturers mentioned above,
Manhattan would produce a wider variety of
percussion pistols, culminating in the .36 caliber
Manhattan Navy models.
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